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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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want to stress that i have enormous respect for the national park service and the work it does. it does a great job in many ways managing these federal properties and i think we are appreciative for that. in this particular issue with all respect, the park service is wrong. so colleagues i ask for your support in this resolution of opposing the management plan. >> thank you supervisor wiener, i also too want to share my concerns about the dog management plan. one of the main reasons j is that under this alternative it would result in a loss of dog walking opportunities on the beach for the entire portion of the beach of the sunset district. currently the sunset district has two dog areas managed by the parks and recreation department. coupled with the fact that it would be under the
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plan unavailable to dogs both on and off leash, there would be a significant strain to dog guardians and neighborhood parks. i would be supportive of a more balanced approach. for example one that would allow for dogs on leash at all times bordering district 4-year-round and would eliminate visitor confusion about the seasonal leash restriction currently in place which spans the entirety of ocean beach boring district 4. like supervisor wiener, i also want to take this opportunity to recognize the important work and mission of the national park service which is to safe guard many of our parks. however i don't believe what we have today is a balanced approach. according to
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the animal control we have about 120,000 dogs in san francisco and that is almost the equivalent to the population of some areas. i hope the dgmra will take comments from the community pebs -- members about the proposed dog plan. >> mr. campos. >> thank you, i think it's important to limiting access, they are going to go somewhere and will go to the rest of the city and county of san francisco. i would certainly oppose any effort to limit access to recreational space. i quite frankly need to see more
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people using recreational space. that should be the policy for the city and county of san francisco. i think we should be consistent and follow it ourselves. >> colleagues, any further discussions? can we take this resolution without objection? okay. without objection same house same call, this resolution is adopted. >> item 43. >> the clerk: item 43: 130766:[park code - hours of operation for city parks] sponsors: wiener; farrell ordinance amending the park code to establish hours of operation for city parks from 5:00 a.m. to midnight, with certain exceptions; and making environmental findings. supervisor kim dissented in committeee>> the clerk: sf 431234 >> supervisor wiener? >> thank you, i would like to delay this until 3:00 either right before or after the 3:00 p.m. special order. if we can delay it until the special order and possibly delay it
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until afterwards? >> colleagues can we do that without objection. this will be delayed. item 44. >> the clerk: item 4: [collective bargaining agreement, amendment no. 2 - crafts coalition] sponsor: mayor ordinance adopting and implementing amendment no. 2 to the 2012-2014 collective bargaining agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the bricklayers and allied crafts, local 3; hod carriers, local 166; building inspectors' association; the northern california carpenters regional council, local 22; carpet, linoleum and soft tile workers, local 12; plasterers and cement masons, local 300; glaziers, architectural metal and glass workers, local union no. 718; international alliance of theatrical stage employees, moving picture technicians, artist and allied crafts of the united states, its territories and canada, local 16; international association of bridge, structural, ornamental, reinforcing iron workers, riggers and machinery movers, local 377; pile drivers, divers, carpenters, bridge, wharf and dock builders, local union no. 34; plasterers and shophands, local 66; united union of roofers, waterproofers and allied workers, local 40; sheet metal workers international union, local 104; teamsters, local 853, by implementing specified terms and conditions of >> the clerk: item 44: 130814:[public works code - control of construction site runoff] ordinance amending the public works code to protect water quality by controlling the discharge of sediment or other construction pollutants from construction sites and preventing erosion and sedimentation due to construction activities; and making environmental findings. >> the clerk: item 44: 130814:[public works code - control of construction site runoff]
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ordinance amending the public works code to protect water quality by controlling the discharge of sediment or other construction pollutants from construction sites and preventing erosion and sedimentation due to construction activities; and making environmental findings. public >> the clerk: item 44: 130814:[public works code - control of construction site runoff] ordinance amending the public works code to protect water quality by controlling the discharge of sediment or other construction pollutants from construction sites and preventing erosion and sedimentation due to construction activities; and making environmental findings. public utilities commissionn? 441234 >> colleagues same house same call, this item is passed on the first reading. >> why don't we take roll call. >> thank you very much. madam clerk, colleagues today i have several items for introduction. the first is legislation that will help address some of the significant housing challenges that we have in the castro area by allowing for the construction of in law in castro. we know we have affordability units particularly in castro. housing prices are absolutely through the roof. we have long time residents in the neighborhood in terms of housing are living on the edge. they are at risk of displacement. it's becoming harder and harder for them to stay in the neighborhood. addressing housing affordability is incredibly complex and there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle in terms of moving in the right direction. it took us many years to dig into this hole and it's going to take time to dig out. the one thing that we can do is to provide more flexibility in our housing policy and an allowing for in
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law units will for the addition of in law units will help. in law units according to hud, according to various academic studies are possibly the most affordable kind of non-subsidized housing that we have. they tend to be more modest units and in some ways in # inherently more afford able. they are allowed to go 1-2 units for in law units. they will not be able to expand the envelope of the building. they will have to use existing space within the building. the new units will have to comply with the building code and the
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department of building inspection will be instructed to be as flexion -- flexible as possible understate law to be sure the people are able to comply with the code. understanding that there are units that cannot meet certain aspects of the current code. the legislation will not allow apartments that are existing to be sdwiedubdivided or chopped off for new units. i think it's a very exciting proposal for the castro and potentially other parts of the city as well. also today, i'm introducing a tax measure for the november ballot that will impose a tax on sugar sweetened beverages. the proceeds of the tax will be a special tax an go
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to fund nutrition active and physical activities and health programs in our schools, in our parks and other venues. colleagues, we are experiencing an epidemic of health problems relating to the consumption of sugar sweets and beverages including diabetes, obesity, affecting adults, children, teenagers, etc. a tremendous amount of work has been done by physicians and research and advocates showing there is a direct link to diabetes and other ailments. supervisor mar, cohen and avalos have also worked on this issue. this is one of those issues that is and has to be a group effort and it takes a village. any other it -- i know it will take a
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village to get this measure passed. the statistics are alarming. a third of san francisco children are obese or overweight. every one beverage increases the risk of diabetes. one in 3 children born today will develop diabetes in a their lifetime if sugary drinks do not decline. 10 percent of americans have diagnosed or undiagnosed type 2 diabetes and more than a third are on the road to developing diabetes. this impacts low income communities and we must act aggressively to address this looming epidemic. we also know and there is mountain
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scientific evidence that this will cause the diabetes ailments. sugary drinks are ingested in different ways even different than food. it's held as water. you do not have your appetite turned off by drinking where by food your appetite is turned off. it rushes the liver and causes deposits. we know it's important to reduce the consumption and get people to healthy and physical activities and good nutrition. this legislation will impose a two pennies per ounce on tax on sugary beverages and it will be posed at the first point of
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distribution within the city and county of san francisco and will go to our activity programs and park systems and recreation hours having more organized physical activity, in our school district to expand and improve the school lunch program, physical ed and community based organization doing work around physical activity and other health efforts. we know this will be a long road. this type of proposal has occurred in other cities. the beverage industry always comes out with full guns blaring. the tobacco tax that failed statewide last year got
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over 70 percent of the vote. this is a city that understand the point of tax policy to improve public health. so colleagues, i look forward to the on going work and dialogue around this important issue. and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener, supervisor breed? >> thank you. i just wanted to alert my colleagues and the public that yesterday we cut the ribbon along with the mayor for the mary helen rogers senior homes which is located not too far from here. mary helen rogers was an amazing lady. i have known her for all of my life. one of the things she did was to fight against the injustices inflicted on the western community by the san francisco redevelopment agency. she was basically notorious and fought really hard for the community and was very actively engaged all the way up to the
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year when she passed away. and it was a proud moment, not just for me but for the rogers family and one of the things that that was talked about consistently was how miss rogers, everyone all of the folks who spoke there expressed their gratitude to the rogers family for an allowing her to do the kind of activism she did in our community and many of the members of the rogers family said we don't have a choice because that was the kind of person their mother was. she would be so proud knowing that over 100 units are available to low income seniors as well as many of the units were provided to folks who are formally homeless. so it was just a really proud moment in our district and so many great people there including the rogers family and i just wanted to mention that. the other thing i wanted to mention was
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yesterday supervisor mar and i were on hand with the mta to witness some of the first 5 buses that are the limited buses that are now on the route. which you mentioned earlier, supervisor march, -- mar. i have gotten some of the complaints of the bus stops because since i was a kid those were the same bus stops. the city is getting quite crowded and as a city we have to look at creative ways to try and get people to their destinations in a timely manner. more importantly we have to think about increasing bus service. this is just something that will increase the number of buses that are able to take people throughout from the farther ends of the supervisor
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mar's district all the way downtown. meanwhile one of the challenges we continue to have is when they come into the fulton street areas, they are packed and they are passing students who need to get to school and others that need to get to work. this is a pilot program for the next year. we want to get feedback from the public to understand if this is working and what we can do to continue to improve this. i want to also mention that this particular, the funding for this pilot as well as the new camera installed at octavia blvd and market, which is one of the most dangerous corners in the city, these funds were secured by the work of soup ori wiener and i who were adamant about taking away some of the congestion on the street corridor. so providing reliable
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public transportation and providing limited buses in the peak hour is critical to ensure that everyone has a way for traveling to the city and getting to work and school in a timely manner. i just wanted to express my appreciation at the mta for working with community meetings and implementing and getting feedback to changes to this pilot. i want to again stress that it is a pilot for the next year and also thank director riskin and those at mta because we'll continue to work on creative solution to ensure that we do everything we can to make public transportation system more liable for the residents in the city and county of san francisco. thank you, and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos? >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues i have one very
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important item that i would like to introduce today. i want to thank my cosponsors, supervisor avalos, supervisor mar and president chiu. we have been seeing throughout the last few weeks that we are facing an affordability crisis in san francisco. there is a tail of two cities and those people are being misplaced. one of which i have heard is the challenges that many people are facing. today i'm introducing another piece of legislation to help deal with this housing affordability crisis. i don't know that anyone has a panacea, if there is one way to deal with this crisis. that's why i think it's important for us to try different strategies and this is one of a number of strategies that my office is working on. there will be additional pieces of
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legislation that we will be introducing in the very near future including legislation to deal with the large up swing in ellis act evictions. the legislation is creating a mechanism for tenants to file a complaint if they believe their landlord is attempting to circumvent one of the 15 just causes of eviction that are in the code. there is an allegation of harassment of the tenant, harassment to force the tenant to vacate the unit. right now the only course that at tenants have is to go to court which is very costly and it is the most cumbersome and expensive form of resolving these issues. something in the end that is not good for the tenant and not good for the
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landlord. tenant situation have reported that 80 percent of tenants that visit for assistance are seeking help in dealing with allegations of harassment by their landlord. this legislation is designed to address this widespread problem and it gives both the landlord and tenant an avenue, in this case the rent board to find a resolution to the issue. this would allow the tenant to file a complaint with the rent board which will schedule an administrative law judge and they will be able to present their case and they will be given a summary for each side. at that point the rent board can decide to take further
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proceedings by initiating legislation or referring to the san francisco district attorney. right now the only option is to take the matter to court. i want to thank just cause for their work in this act of legislation and the rest of the advocacy groups that are working with people that are being displaced throughout the city. this is truly an epidemic. when you are dealing with a crisis you have to respond like it is a crisis. i look forward to this legislation being heard in committee and a look forward to the support and cosponsor ship to the rest of my colleagues. the rest i submit. >> thank you, we had an officer involved shooting in the marina district on sunday. i was at the crime scene a few hours
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afterwards. anything like that, as supervisors we take seriously and public issue is what i will always be concerned about in the district i represent. and those in district 2, we are going to have a community town hall meeting about the shooting. i'm going to host it along with chief sur, tomorrow evening at 6:00. marina middle school tomorrow evening, wednesday, 6:00. p.m.. those that are interested come out to the event. >> thank you supervisor, ferrel. supervisor kim? >> thank you. i do actually have a tomb -- couple of items to introduce today. i was not at the board meeting last week because of the sister delegation which was great. i
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want to introduce a couple items today. the first is on non-profit displacement. this is a hearing that we recently heard a couple weeks ago at the budget and finance committee. i want to thank the committee members of budget and finance for sitting at this hearing. it was an important opportunity for us to hear directly from our non-profit organizations many of which we fund here in the city and the clients in turn in the struggle that many of them are facing against during this boom that we are experiencing in the city. something that is a positive as we create jobs. we want to make sure that we are able to address some of the negative impacts of this which is the increase in commercial rental rates. from $37 square foot to $69 per square foot in the last year. while we were adding
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thousands of jobs and dropped to 9.3 percent. we also recognize that our services are an essential part of what we provide here in the city. many to our most vulnerable residents whether they are seniors, children, low income residents and others and we need to do what we can to ensure that they are able to continue the services at the rate that we expect them to. we know this happened over 10 years ago and the city has a work group done but did not have to go through on many of the strategies because we hit unfortunately another economic cycle. understanding that we are in a constant boom in san francisco, we want to reengage this work group to come up with strategies to support our non-profit workers and organizations that provide invaluable services. i'm
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working with the mayor's office of housing, the mayor's budget office and arts commission and mayor's office of work force development and we want to reinitiate this work group to be able to come up with a couple of ideas and projects and solutions by the end of the fiscal year and to support many of the causes we fund. on the second item is an interim plan control for property owners to obtain a permit. these controls are meant to prevent future evictions similar to the ones you read about the owners of 1049 market street. it's time to allow the city to conduct a survey on the loss of residential units throughout the south of market, a former industrial neighborhood that is experiencing add development boom. in fact during times when it was hard for commercial property owners to rent out
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their spaces, we are now learning that they are committed to residential use. now that they are considering moving back to the original use, we want to do a pause and survey as to how many residents are impacted by this housing. we don't want this to be another source of evictions in the city. that is our second item today. our third item is a resolution. and so the last item is a resolution supporting increased ak access to after school students as opportunities as a part of our comprehensive education plan and to building a family-friendly city. in the last 30 years as was well articulated during the debate
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around flexible work schedules and president chiu, it's 77.3 percent of school ages children mothers are in the labor force. 15.1 million children take care of themselves from the time they get home from school. after school is not an only alternative place away from home, it's a place for children to spend time after school and they have better grades, work habits and more positive relationships with their peers and are able to develop critical thinking and arts. for someone who worked in these programs, i saw how this helped young people and enhanced their
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connections and peers and soft skills and in incredibly important. as we continue to make drastic cuts to our public schools which our state continues to make, we often see a shortening of our school day which the a detriment to the young people. it's essential to education. this is a discussion that my former school board colleagues, supervisor yee and supervisor mar are quite familiar with as we struggle through state cuts as we've seen in 2005 and 2006, the public education fund which are dollars to fund schools, dedicated to children and family activities are essential in supporting families when the state continues to cut this. as this board knows well i have
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always supported city schools and never think this is a bad expenditure of our dollars. san francisco has made an incredible front in the last several years to increase access to the programs and increase the quality of the programs citywide. the citywide collaboration is known in expanding known in collaborative and lead by dcyf. in terms of active collectively we have 70 percent of k through 8 children want to enroll in one. as though this is a much higher percentage, we would like to see more access. project k through fund has been an important program and we would like to see this improve. i'm proud to have served on the first year of the
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prop age fund advisory committee that helps guide originally how it's allocated the first $10 million for the 55,000 students whether it was on libraries, arts, sports, bathrooms, and many other needs that our schools have. when you visit our schools which i know many of you do and i did every would elk that i served on the school board, you see what these dollars do for the children. one of the primary issues that i hear now over again and i know many of you also hear is the gradual solution of the bus, again from budget cuts. what we are noticing is an incredible pressure among parties to be able to pick up their kids from school and take them home or drop them off at after school programs in the middle of their day. one of our
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staff members has three children in public school and her and her partner everyday must determine who is going to leave work and pick up their children and drop them off after school. we know that being in a friendly family city, that being able to provide this service for these children on-site is to show a commitment to family-friendly city. i'm looking forward to the hearing which supervisor ferrel has called at the city joint committee of the board of education and look forward to working with his office and dcyf and sfusd in making this a reality. i also want to acknowledge supervisor mar and yee who will also be


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